Cold & Refreshing 5-hour ENERGY Drubjs

Why sell 5-hour ENERGY® drinks?

The makers of 5-hour ENERGY pioneered the $1.1 billon energy shot category when they introduced the original shot in 2004. 

The brand’s products, some of the most recognized in the market, are used daily by millions of consumers to provide the alert, energized feeling they trust to help get through their obligations.  

Now we’re leveraging that brand awareness to bring our energy expertise to the energy beverage marketplace. Consumers are eager to try an energy drink from a long-established brand they know and love. 

Brand Awareness Chart
Source: Ask Suzy Panel, February 2021
6 Great Tasting Flavors of 5-hour ENERGY Drinks

5-hour ENERGY® shots revolutionized the energy market by bringing high margin products to c-store front ends across the country.

Now we’re bringing high margin 5-hour ENERGY drinks to your cooler doors.

  • Premium price point for higher profit.
  • One of the most recognized energy brands on the market.
  • The same vitamins and energy blend as Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY shots.
  • Light tasting and refreshing.
  • Perfect for hard-working consumerswho want a sippable option.
  • Zero sugar, low sodium and Keto diet friendly.
  • SNAP approved.